The foundation of every religious or personal-development undertaking is self-discipline. Avatarhood provides tools for training and strengthening your self-discipline in all aspects of your life. It helps you to control anger, cope with grief, eat better, live healthier, exercise and focus.

The self-discipline skills you will develop are centered on your practice. You will build your alter to the Three Principles and your shrines to the Eight Virtues. You will learn to be mindful of every choice you make. You will set aside time each day to meditate at one or more shrines. You will build positive habits for dealing with the regular stresses of life so that you are prepared when faced with greater obstacles.

The skills are taught through a series of applied practices that follow this basic pattern: observing, recording, analyzing and adjusting. You observe a specific behavior, record it in your private Book of Truths, analyze what you recorded and then propose an adjustment to future behavior.

As with any behavioral modification, at first you may find your efforts inconsistent and not helpful. This is especially true with developing self-discipline. Here is where we find benefit in the religious mindset approach. Devotion to a system of beliefs, like adhering to superstitions, provides internal motivation. Once committed to the path of the Avatar, developing self-discipline will become easier.

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