Guidance and Shrines

We do not judge any choices save for our own. We react to other actions as necessary based on our own journey in Avatarhood alone. We do not act with the goal to influence others. We do not act in vengeance or retribution. We do not punish or reward. We offer praise only as honest admiration and thankfulness. We only offer critique when asked and only as an honest effort to assist that person with their goals.

There are no laws or rules to be broken. Your actions and choices are either honoring the Principles by way of the Virtues or they are not. There is no retribution if you make choices based on the opposing principles (cowardice, hatred and falsehood). Avatarhood is entirely a life you must lead of your own free will. When you stray, you alone must look inward and commune with your understanding of the Virtues.

We designate special shrines in our homes, our properties, or any place we can go to have a degree of seclusion for uninterrupted meditation. In time, we each have a shrine for each of the the eight Virtues, but initially we may only start with one. We meditate at specific shrines as a reminder of the virtue we seek insight from as well as to help us focus our thoughts on that Virtue.

Often, we understand where we chose poorly and seek guidance at the shrines to help us to alter our biased thoughts in order to avoid the same mistake in the future. Our understanding of the Virtues and through them the Principles comes from regular reflection at the shrines. There’s not a specific interval requirement or designated time duration for your meditations. This means you could meditate daily for an hour or weekly for 15 minutes. How often and for how long is entirely up to you.

Just remember that reflection and meditation on the Virtues is essential for gaining insight.

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