Polyamory and the pack

Polyamory is a relationship dynamic that embraces openly loving more than one, as opposed to monogamy, which expects exclusivity. Polyamory is having congruent healthy loving relationships where all involved are fully aware. There are many potential arrangements for poly relationships. Here we discuss the Pack.

What is a pack?

The poly pack is a group of people who live together in a communal yet hierarchical order. You have a pack leader, one or more Alphas, followed by submissives and finally pets. The group works together to provide stability and support on every level. Some work in the greater society to secure outside resources while others work at the home, taking care of all domestic needs.

The pack sees after its own through emotional support as well as physical support. The leader directs the pact and oversees its day to day functionality. The Alphas assist in this effort, each contributing labor and leadership to the success of the group.

Pets in the pack are considered communal property. They belong to the pack. They are not to be abused or mistreated, but they have no say beyond that. They most often work entirely at the home of the pack: taking care of animals, gardening, cooking and all other domestic duties. They serve the pleasures of the rest of the pack.

Submissives are attendants to the Alphas and the Leader. Submissives have a close relationship with the more Dominant members of the pack and handle the more personal tasks. Submissives are not communal or property, but they can be claimed by one or more Alphas. An Alpha may claim more than one submissive as theirs as well. While pets are obligated to service any Alpha, a submissive is only expected to take care of their Alphas.

This structure Leader to Alphas, to submissives, to pets is one of the strongest and primal organized structures in relationships. It is observed to this day in wolf packs, which is the basis for the Poly pack.

As the naming insinuates, BDSM is certainly an aspect of this structure. Some packs focus more on the discipline and power exchange, some include more bondage and S&M. That can vary on the pack leader and their alphas.

It should be noted that there are no gender requirements to the poly pack lifestyle in general. You can have a pack lead by a female, with female alphas and male submissive and pets. Some packs may have a mixture of genders throughout.

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