Our core pack Structure

The core pack are the members who reside at the main House. At maximum size it will consist of:

  • Pack Master
  • Two Alphas
  • Three to Four submissives
  • Two pets (one indoor task focused, one outside task focused)

Potentially, the pack can increase in size in the future with others living in tiny home structures on the property, but no more than this will live at the House.

How is it polyamorous?

There can be open relationships between various members. For example, an Alpha may have two subs, or a sub may belong to two Alphas. This is not a free-for-all structure in which the submissives must have sex with every Alpha or even the Pack Master.

What are the roles?

The Alphas belong to the pack, not the pack Master. The Master and the Alphas work together to manage and provide for the rest of the pack as a whole. This means the Alphas contribute through their leadership and financially (we have jobs in the real world). We also have certain important tasks to oversee at the property. For example, one Alpha may be in charge of maintenance, arranging repairs with contractors, ensuring landscaping is done, taking care of the vehicle fleet servicing, etc. Alphas have their own suite in the House, with a private kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.

Subs attend personally to the needs of their specific alphas. Subs also manage household duties such as meal planning and supply shopping. A sub can be permitted by her Alpha to work outside the household. Subs bed with their Alphas and thus may sleep in different beds on different nights.

The pets are property and are responsible for all general work such as cleaning (indoors and outdoors), preparing and serving the meals planned by the subs, caring for the animals, gardening, and so on. Pets may be used sexually by any other member of the pack at any time. They are not owned by any Alpha specifically, but belong to the pack as a whole. Pets will sleep where they are told.

The pack Master‘s role, in addition to the standard Alpha tasks, is to oversee the well-being of the pack by ensuring everything runs smoothly and a harmonious environment is maintained. He is a guide, a teacher, a mediator, a healer, a father figure.

What’s pack life like?

Life here isn’t all work and no play. It provides a safe social group, generally removed from the insanity of mass society. We socialize by the fire pit, drinking, playing music, dancing, enjoying our primal lives together. In addition to group activities we teach each other valuable skills, take camping trips and vacations. We encourage education and hobbies. Self-improvement is open to all. Pets are here of their own free will and are not exempt from developing new skills and exploring their own interests on their personal time.

Alphas, subs and pets can be any gender. The structure is role based.

While the pack activities can be openly sexual, an Alpha might sexually use a pet in a common area while others are nearby, its primary focus is to foster a healthy, happy, safe home life for every member.

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