Pack Meets

Even with great planning and solid, ethical members, every pack finds itself having to address new, unforeseen obstacles. These could be as simple as a behavioral dispute or more demanding such as new major responsibilities that have to be assigned.

This is addressed through a weekly pack meet. Weather permitting, this should be help in the evening, by firelight. If the meeting is to be held indoors, it is by candlelight only.

The entire pack gathers around, calling upon Njörd to oversee them. If needed, the leader can initiate a howl, which each member joins in. This is to focus the attention of the pack. The energy during the meeting should remain serious, everyone refrains from drinking or play. The meeting leader will bring up any pack business that needs to be discussed. After group discussion, the pack leadership will come to agreements on any plans or decisions made and the entire pack will be aware of any changes. Afterwards, any pack member can be recognized if they want to introduce any new concerns or ideas.

If the new business is urgent, it can be addressed the same meeting. Otherwise it will be taken under consideration until the next week. Meetings do not have a time limit, but should always remained focused on pack business and informing the members.

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